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Caroline Carrier Coaching

ADHD Life Coach
Are you Ready for
Life in the Fast Brain?

You're smart.

You know you're capable.

Sometimes you fly.

Sometimes, you are just so frustrated with yourself.

You have had it with "Why can't I just...?!"

You are ready to understand your ADHD, your strengths and how to use them to fly full time.

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About me


I have always had ADHD.

I have suspected for a long while that I have ADHD.

I have known for sure for less than two years - and they've been the best two years ever!

ADHD Coaching was a big part of the reason why. How would you like to explore how coaching could help you begin your own best chapter yet? 

Thank you for being mindful of my feelings and concerns, Caroline. It just shows what a caring and truly magnificent coach you are! You are very thoughtful, empathetic, supportive and kind.

working mum, 45

You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Without you or your support in the past three years, I would have left the school long ago. And I am so grateful that you have always been able to see the positives in me. I have not been the easiest of people to work with, but somehow you stand by me every time.

You are AMAZING at what you do. For example, I got in an argument with someone on Saturday, and I saw the red smoke. Still, I managed to remove myself from the situation and then come back into it after I had calmed down. You did that for me, taught me how to use my toolbox. 


I was unable to control myself to leave, and now I can leave the room. The next task for me is to wait until I am by myself, then say all the rude words I am thinking. I would like to keep our sessions going at my new school - there is no one else I would want to have coaching from.

Student, age 17

I wanted to tell you that I actually ordered a whole new linen set since our last coaching session - and it's made such a big difference - thank you!!

working mum, 32

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