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Training / Education


You may feel ready for ADHD Coaching - perhaps not! If you are newly diagnosed or feel that you want to understand more about ADHD generally, before you begin coaching, book a discovery call to discuss your needs. 


I currently work both as a an ADHD Coach and Trainer and as ADHD Lead in a school. As a teacher and former SENCo (8 years in state secondary, 10 in independent boarding schools), I know how frustrating teachers and school leaders find INSET days where they are left thinking "Well, that's all very interesting, but what do we do about it?!" I bring ADHD understanding to life through my personal and training experience and empower teachers and school leaders to feel confident they understand ADHD. I will give you tools and ways to apply Coaching approaches into teaching practice and school management. Please book a discovery call to discuss your needs. 


Do you have a neurodiverse team? Awesome! Do you understand how to get the best out of your team and harness their amazing abilities? Would you like improve your understanding of ADHD in particular? You may wonder how to approach supporting and managing ADHD members of your team; you may be wondering how to get better support yourself at work. Please get in touch and book a discovery call to discuss your needs. 

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