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About Coaching 

You may struggle to actually do  what you totally meant to do - you were definitely  going to do it this time, but, well...

The gap between where you are and where you "should be" may feel frustrating, mysterious - even shameful and hidden.

You might want to find ways to be more consistent and reliable, but that just seems so boring and tough.

You might want to be better equipped for the constant battle with time management, procrastination, overpromising or under-delivering. 

You may want to understand why, when you know it's no big deal, it can feel like the end of the world - it just hurts and you can't let it go. You want to feel more like you're the master of your emotions, rather than at their fickle mercy.

You might want to reconnect with strengths you haven't fully acknowledged, celebrate achievements you haven't paused to give yourself credit for and learn what these experiences teach you about yourself, so you can build ever more opportunities to work to your strengths into every day. 


Coaching relationship will look to recognise your strengths, log and learn from successes, explore new discoveries about how your own unique machinery works and how you and your ADHD can work together as the most unstoppable, incredible team. I will act as a thinking partner, allowing you to hear and reflect on your own perspectives, rediscover tools and strategies which have worked for you in the past and reconnect with past successes. It's possible you currently feel you have had no significant past successes; it's likely that you have rushed past them, discounted them or forgotten them - or simply just not thought of them as the successes they are. Hearing those reflected back by a coach can lead you to new realisations about yourself and find ways to use those past successes as models to tackle the current barriers you are coming up against.

Together, we will explore and challenge any feelings, thoughts or beliefs that may be getting in your way. I will help you discover what it would be like to give yourself permission and understanding, so you can do things more easily, more enjoyably and more effectively - your way.

My own ADHD strengths include curiosity, bravery, humour and creativity: there is nothing you can bring that I will be afraid to try to help you navigate; I will naturally seek to really get down into the detail of how that issue shows up for you and why; I will likely come at it from new and inspiring angles that help prompt your own creativity in response - and without taking away from the fact that this is all serious stuff, a dose of humour should keep it refreshingly light when needed. 

Coaching is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals. 

Coaching isn't counselling, medical care, treatment or "a cure" (your amazing ADHD brain certainly doesn't need a cure, but would love to have your understanding!). It's not advice - you will find your way to decisions of your own, inspired by the new insights coaching helps you gain. 

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