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About Coaching 

Coaching will support you in recognising your strengths, so you can log and learn from successes, explore new discoveries about how your own unique machinery works and how you and your ADHD can work together as the most unstoppable, incredible team.


I will act as a thinking partner, allowing you to hear and reflect on your own perspectives, rediscover tools and strategies which have worked for you in the past and reconnect with past successes. It's possible you currently struggle to name any strengths. You may feel you have had no significant past successes; it's likely that you have rushed past them, discounted them or forgotten them - or simply just not thought of them as the successes they are. Hearing those reflected back by me can lead you to new realisations about yourself and find ways to use those past successes as models to tackle the current barriers you are coming up against and to build ever more opportunities to work to your strengths into every day.


Together, we will explore and challenge any feelings, thoughts or beliefs that may be getting in your way. I will help you discover what it would be like to give yourself permission and understanding, so you can do things more easily, more enjoyably and more effectively - your way.

My own ADHD strengths include curiosity, bravery, humour and creativity: there is nothing you can bring that I will be afraid to try to help you navigate; I will naturally seek to really get down into the detail of how that issue shows up for you and why; I will likely come at it from new and inspiring angles that help prompt your own creativity in response - and without taking away from the fact that this is all serious stuff, a dose of humour should keep it refreshingly light when needed. 

Caroline has been such an incredible help to me. Although I came to her with an idea of how my ADHD was already affecting me, Caroline helped me identify some of the areas I didn't realise were taking such a big toll. Through this coaching journey with her I've been able to reimagine the way I implement regulating techniques. I've learned to apply the techniques I already use, but in different areas that I never thought to before. She's helped me understand different connections within myself and my ADHD.


I thought going into this that I would be learning a lot from her, but through her careful and intuitive questions I've learned a lot more about myself.

Caroline is adept at creating a comfortable space, and at coaxing out the root of an issue so we can begin to work on it.

I can't believe the difference it's already made in me and anyone would be lucky to be coached by her.

design graduate, 27

You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Without you or your support in the past three years, I would have left the school long ago. And I am so grateful that you have always been able to see the positives in me. I have not been the easiest of people to work with, but somehow you stand by me every time.

You are AMAZING at what you do. For example, I got in an argument with someone on Saturday, and I saw the red smoke. Still, I managed to remove myself from the situation and then come back into it after I had calmed down. You did that for me, taught me how to use my toolbox. 


I was unable to control myself to leave, and now I can leave the room. The next task for me is to wait until I am by myself, then say all the rude words I am thinking. I would like to keep our sessions going at my new school - there is no one else I would want to have coaching from.

student, 17

Thank you for being mindful of my feelings and concerns, Caroline. It just shows what a caring and truly magnificent coach you are! You are very thoughtful, empathetic, supportive and kind.

working mum, 45

Wow! What an impressive session. I have gained so much already and really look forward to being there every week. Thanks for your meticulous planning and for an excellent session.

training course participant

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